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Imagine a microscopic plastic wire that cuts through and breaks apart dust, dirt, grime and moisture, and then picks it up like a magnet without scratching the surface. This is what microfibre does when cleaning. Swift Microfibre is a revolutionary thread, comprised of wedge-shaped polyester filaments and a core of nylon. Made of both oil-attracting and water-attracting polymers, the fibres are woven into masses of tiny "hooks & loops." The sharp edges of these millions of "hooks & loops" cut through dried-in stains, attracting and absorbing dirt and microparticles. The microfibres are actually positively charged increasing the attraction of dirt which carries a negative charge and each strand of microfibre is hundreds of times smaller than a human hair and ten times finer than silk.
Microfibre cleaning products are a Breakthrough in Textile Technology and have been widely used throughout Europe for years. They are used by large institutions such as hospitals, hotels, and professional cleaning companies, as well as by small businesses and households. There is no doubt the American market will quickly follow.
About Microfibre?
Why Use Microfibre?
So how does it work? Is microfibre presoaked in some kind of chemical?
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